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• Forge a “body of iron”: More than just a take-anywhere source of complete protein, Ultra 40 is loaded with unique blood-building and anabolic (growth) factors that help you enhance your physique and performance.*
• Better results with fewer tablets: Golden-Era bodybuilders of the 1950s and 60s used to take 50-100 liver tablets daily to achieve extraordinary gains. 
• Ultra 40 is so concentrated, you can achieve Golden-Era results with only 15-25 tablets daily.
• Rich in heme iron, a highly bio-available type of iron that boosts red blood cell health and oxygen uptake and utilization.*
• Not like those “other” products: Ultra 40 users report that it’s easy on the stomach, doesn’t cause gas and has no aftertaste, unlike other liver tablets they’ve tried. 
• Instead of a caffeinated pre-workout supplement, use Ultra 40 to breathe new energy, endurance and stamina into your workouts. Awesome for cross-fit, MMA, HIIT, etc.