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Ashwagandha 1200mg with KSM-66 60cap

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HERBAL STRESS SUPPORT - Ashwagandha supplements help maintain healthy cortisol levels, addressing daily stress effects. Selfevolve ashwagandha capsules contain extracts from both the root and leaf of Ashwagandha, come with Bioprene TM for a supreme boost helping to support MORE EFFICIENT ABSORPTION

PROMOTES POSITIVE MOOD - Seeking a supplement to support your mood? Our Ashwagandha product may be just what you need. This potent adaptogen is renowned for its ability to promote a calm state of mind. Our all natural formula is crafted with precision, delivering clinically studied doses proven to alleviate occasional irritability and foster a positive mood.

SUPPORT BRAIN FUNCTION - Boost your focus and memory with our Ashwagandha supplement. This Ayurvedic herb offers antioxidant support for brain health. Our formula features clinically studied extracts to enhance mental performance, attention, and memory.

ALL NATURAL & MADE IN THE USA - At selfevolve, we're all about keeping it simple. Our supplements have no additives or unverified ingredients, and our Ksm 66 TM Ashwagandha is made with the root only just like the traditional uses in Ayurveda. If quality, satisfaction, and results are essential to you, you’re in the right place!

2 CAPSULES, 1 SERVING, 0 TASTE - No ones likes taking a dozen horse sized pills every morning. With selfevolve, you get 1200mg of natural Ksm 66 TM Ashwagandha Root Extract in every serving and each serving is 2 easy-to-take, taste-less capsules