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Flavor: Chocolate
• The Original Designer Protein: First formulated by food scientists in 1995 and unduplicated to this day, MP was specifically designed to maximize lean muscle repair, recovery and growth.*
• “Cheap” proteins are cheap for a reason: Whey protein hydrolysate and isolate are the highest-quality, fastest-absorbing forms of whey. Their levels in MP are considered exceptional by industry standards.
• Fresh is best: MP contains proteins obtained from fresh milk supplied by BSE-free cows born and raised in the USA under USDA guidelines. At least half a dozen tests are used to confirm the proteins are fresh and free of contaminates. 
• Fracture-free: We take special precautions when blending our proteins to ensure they’re not fractured, which could result in a loss of potency. This may be overlooked by other companies.
• One supplier: We obtain our proteins from the same supplier so that the potency is consistent from bottle to bottle.
• Delicious weight-loss: MP makes yummy shakes, puddings, cookies, pancakes and more. It replaces naughty snacks that bring weight-loss to a standstill.
• Effortless digestion: Quick, easy digestion with no bloating or gas. This is one of the benefits of using the highest-quality ingredients available.