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• “Unlocks” body fat:* Lean Out is the only formula of its kind with lipotropics. These natural nutrients essentially “unlock” stored body fat by allowing it to be transported to tissues like lean muscle where it can be burn off as fuel.
• Who says you can’t get lean without stimulants? Because it’s 100% stimulant-free, Lean Out won’t keep you up at night, or make you sweat or anxious. It silently helps your body “carry away” stored fat and convert it into energy while you rest, exercise, etc.
• Healthy weight loss: A healthy metabolism not only burns fat fast. It also processes carbohydrate (sugars, starches) efficiently. Lean Out contains nutrients that help you do all of the above and more.
• Time-tested: Natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have been using Lean Out to optimize their metabolism and get lean faster for decades. Beverly has been trusted by natural bodybuilders for 50 years.