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Wild Chips

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Wilde Chips

100% All Natural Chicken Breast Chips

Thin, crispy, and tangy just like your favorite potato chips, but without all the carbs. Made from 100% all-natural Chicken Breast with the same thin & crispy texture of a potato chip, Wilde Chips are the perfect high- protein, low- carb snack. Rediscover your love of chips in a gluten- free, guilt- free package.

  • MADE WITH SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: WILDE Protein Chips have the crisp and texture of traditional potato chips, but we ditched the potato. Instead, we use real ingredients including chicken breast, egg whites and bone broth.
  • PACKS A (PROTEIN) PUNCH: WILDE is the perfect high protein snack. Each serving of WILDE Protein Chips has 10g of protein, low net carbs and is keto friendly.
  • FREE OF COMMON ALLERGENS: WILDE Protein Chips do not contain potato, corn, processed proteins, gluten, grains, dairy, or nuts. They're the perfect protein-packed snack for school lunches and more!
  • CHIPS GONE WILDE: WILDE is the story of an impossible snack made possible through relentless hustle and never taking no for an answer. That's how we turned 100% all-natural chicken breast, egg whites and bone broth into 7 varieties of crispy, delicious chips to satisfy your cravings. So good, we deserve to be a little cocky.