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Iso-Carb 30srv

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Fast-Acting Carbohydrate. Replenish Glycogen Levels. Maximize Uptake Of Nutrients. Fast Absorption & Utilization. Full Growth & Recovery. No Artificial Colors Or Dyes. Fast Acting Fuel. Gluten Free. The Benefits Of ISO-Carb: Replenish Muscle Glycogen Post-Workout. Maximize Uptake Of Nutrients. Fast Absorption & Utilization. Fuel Growth & Recovery. Fast Digesting Cards Are Where It's At! Muscle glycogen levels can be drastically reduced after your workout/training. It is essential to replenish glycogen levels post-workout to properly recover and create an environment for muscle growth. Due to the fast speed at which dextrose is digested, it's the perfect source for post-workout glycogen replenishment. Dextrose is a high-glycemic carb, which initiates an insulin spike after consumption. This helps maximize the uptake and utilization of other nutrients in addition to rebooting glycogen stores. ISO-Carb in combination with protein or aminos will put your body into grow-mode. We recommend stacking ISO-Carb with ISO-AMINO, Creatine Monohydrate and Clean Protein.


Add 1 heaping scoop of ISO-Carb in 12oz of cold water or your beverage of choice. Shake well for full mixability, we recommend a shaker cup. Consume 1-2 scoops (1-2 servings) of ISO-Carb within 30 minutes of your workout.