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Gourmet Gainer 6lb

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When weight gain seems impossible and you’ve been striking out trying to build the serious muscle that most of us covet so dearly, shakes like Tri Pharm’s Gourmet Gainer, step up to the plate. Building muscle is a science and if you neglect to take in enough calories throughout the day, especially at crucial times, you will never get the full benefits of your weekly workouts. Breaking the body down for countless hours a week and not re-feeding properly is like filling up a glass of water with a hole at the bottom. Tri Pharm knows this and has your answer. Gourmet Gainer has been tactically designed with just the right amount of each of the crucial ingredients for performance and muscle building.

Here are some of the highlights:
• 40 grams of time-released protein
• 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids
• High-branched Cluster Dextrin and dextrose
• 3 different forms of creatine for strength and endurance
• Low osmolality means no bloating or indigestion
• Gourmet flavors that can’t be beat


Just like all athletes are not created equal, the same goes for Tri Pharm’s Gourmet Gainer. The newest addition to Tri Pharm’s arsenal of muscle building and performance products, Gourmet Gainer is stepping up and bringing you a high-calorie protein shake that will fast-track your gains both on and off the field, court, or gym floor. Specifically designed with maximum performance and muscle-building potential in mind, it’s perfectly balanced for optimizing protein and amino acid delivery.

With 5 grams of essential aminos, 40 grams of protein derived from fast-digesting whey proteins, pure egg protein and slower digesting calcium caseinate, you can elicit protein synthesis and reap the benefits for hours on end.

Using a multi-blend complex consisting of the highly-touted “high-branched, cluster dextrin,” maltodextrin, dextrose and natural fructose, you will be driving anabolic potential with the most specialized carbohydrates on the market.

In hopes of further pushing the boundaries of your strength and endurance, patented forms of the highest quality creatine are included to help regenerate ATP during workouts, saturate muscle tissue and push your workouts harder than ever before.

Designed for active individuals when the “average protein shake” just isn’t enough, Gourmet Gainer is incredibly functional, well-rounded and one of the best tasting shakes ever created. Picking up where even the highest quality protein shake leaves off, the added carbohydrates and creatine will ramp up the calories and your energy along with it. Loading up on muscle glycogen and creatine stores will have you growing faster, recovering quicker and more energized than ever.

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation and the raw materials to do it. The same can be said about a muscular physique. If you don’t have the right nutrition, you won’t ever have the body you desire. Get into success with the shake that’s going to change the way you gain forever.

For fast-tracking your gains, setting personal records and unprecedented growth, Tri Pharm’s Gourmet Gainer stands alone!