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Packed with 21 grams of high-quality protein (primarily isolate), this bar will support performance and aid in recovery. This high-quality protein formulation is quickly assimilated, easy on the stomach, and doesn’t sacrifice on taste.

Our 68-gram bar, a robust blend of macronutrients, serves as a potent, delicious, and filling meal replacement. Almost all low calorie protein bars are less than satisfying and taste like synthetic "diet" food, and almost all higher calorie protein bars taste like chemical laden sugar bombs. Our bars taste like a dessert (without being sickeningly sweet with sugar), aren't overly calorie dense, and will leave you satisfied.

Beyond the performance benefits and easy digestion, our bar is delicious. Naturally flavored with protein crisps, real chocolate, and authentic peanut butter, these bars taste incredible. We truly feel we’ve nailed the taste on this one. These ingredients blend to create a silky sweet chocolate outside and soft crunch cookie inside for the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

Despite being packed with nutrients, our bar is GI friendly and won't make you gassy like most protein bars on the market. Rich in whey protein isolate, this snack supports fast digestion and ensures gastrointestinal ease. Perfect for the active individual, it offers efficient energy and assists in recuperation, all while maintaining GI well-being.

Packed with 21g of whey protein isolate, we promote optimal recuperation post-workout when your muscles seek fast-digesting protein. The rapid digestion of whey isolate aids in immediate muscle repair and growth. Its easy digestion enhances bioavailability, optimizing protein absorption while maintaining GI (gastrointestinal) well-being. Indulge in this stomach-friendly treat for a rapid and efficient post-workout protein uplift.