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Dvst8 White Diamond Reserve

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Inspired, originally making it's retail debut here at Suppz, has come out with a lot of great products over the years. We were first introduced to the brand through their amazing pre-workout, DVST8 White Cut, which held the top spot in our pre-workout rankings for years. With the removal of DMHA came DVST8, and now DVST8 White Diamond Reserve. This version of DVST8 has received immediate rave reviews from STACK3D as you can see in their video and quote above. That said, we'd like to offer our take as well. 

Looking at the label, DVST8 White Diamond Reserve comes in with the usual 40/20 servings that Inspired has used in the past. From a dosage standpoint, this can be used as a true 40 serving pre-workout, or double scooped for the stim junkies out there. We have always found the sweet spot to be around 1 1/2 scoops for an experienced pre-workout user.

From an endurance and pump standpoint, Inspired has covered it with 4g Citrulline, 1.6g Beta Alanine, 3g Betaine, and 1g Taurine. While some may think that the 1.6g Beta Alanine is on the low side, it's important to note that Beta-Alanine must be consumed on a daily basis to really see it's endurance effects, and its inclusion in a pre-workout is more for the motivation that you feel from the tingles as opposed to its long-term performance benefit. We feel that 1.6g is appropriate for those who are more sensitive to beta tingles, while those that love the effect can get a full dose from a two scoop dosage. 

Once we get into the energy and focus part of the formula, things get a little more interesting. DVST8 has always been known to create a superior experience in this department, and White Diamond Reserve is no exception. Headlined by Compound Solutions latest ingredient, Dynamine, White Diamond includes an impressive array of effective ingredients including Synephrine and Alpha Yohimbine, two of the most effective legal stimulants for energy. Complemented by Hordenine, Choline, and Theobromine for focus, White Diamond also includes a euphoric/mood lifting ingredient known as N-Phenyl Dimethylamine Citrate (AKA Euria Jarensis Extract). This potent combo is as good as it gets in pre workouts and will provide a mood lift, energy, and focus that is superior to most other pre workouts on the market, especially with the continued disappearance of DMHA. 


White Diamond boasts an impressive ingredient profile and is a worthy inclusion into the pool of DVST8 pre-workouts that we've seen in the past. While some may worry about the price tag on this product, it's important to remember that you are truly getting 40 Servings from this product (assuming your stimulant tolerance isn't too out of control). Price per serving, this compares favorably to other premium pre-workout supplements in the category. You can also save 10% anytime on this supplement by using code WHITEDIAMOND at checkout. We're putting DVST8 White Diamond into our pool of "must try" pre workouts, and it will surely make an appearance in our top supplements list.