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Equalizer AM ... Finally tastes good (.. and smells good)

Equalizer AM ... Finally tastes good (.. and smells good)

Chaotic Labz has always made some of the most innovative and hardcore supplements around. Equalizer AM was no exception. The real problem with the product lied in 2 big issues. As soon as you open the container, your nose was hit with the smell of rotten eggs or burnt hair (... and so many other ways of describing nastiness). Then, of course, the smell would translate into an aweful taste. 


Now lets talk about the results. Even though it was next to unbearable to smell or drink, people did not question the results. The product is not for beginning and is strong. Energy, pumps and endurance was all top of the class. Regardless the smell and taste were enough to turn people away. Even the most die hard lovers eventually stopping using he product because of these issues.


.... but now. The new Tarantula Tangerine introduces the new flavoring system for Chaotic Labz and fixes all of these issues. If you love Equalizer AM, but just wished it tasted and smelled better, well you’re in luck. As of this post, we’ve had a dozen people try the new flavoring system and they love it. It’s still not for beginners and it’s still stronger than most. It’s gonna be back in the mix at Health Spot.





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