Saw Palmetto Gold - 320 mg (Clinically proven)

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Saw Palmetto Gold

Clinically-Proven, Solvent-Free, USA-Grown Extract

Saw palmetto is a fan palm that grows as a tree or shrub. In the United States, saw palmetto grows in the warm climates along the southeastern coast from South Carolina to Florida. The plant has white flowers, and produces yellow berries that turn brown when ripe. This berry is the theraputic part of the plant-- once ripe, it is harvested, dried, and used for medicinal purposes.

Saw palmetto has traditionally been used in several forms of herbal medicine-- Mayans drank it as a tonic, the Seminoles used the berries as an expectorant, and many Native American tribes used the fruit for food. Saw palmetto contains fatty acids, plant sterols, flavonoids, and high molecular weight polysaccharides that help strengthen the immune system.