Probiotics Gold 5billion 60tab

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Targeted-Release Probiotics Gold

Controlled Release with Patented BIO-tract® Delivery

The human body plays host to millions of microbes on the skin, in the mouth, and all the way through the GI tract. More important than the numbers and types of microbes that colonize our bodies, are the dynamic interactions that these microbes have with our bodies.

With the exception of oral probiotics that are useful in maintaining tooth and gum health, all other probiotics must survive the digestive tract and reach the small and large intestines, where they are needed the most. Unprotected, the vast majority of live probiotics that enter the stomach won't survive to reach the GI tract, where they aid in the digestion process and help replenish beneficial bacteria that can support healthy immune function.

BIO-tract® Targeted and Sustained Delivery System

Many of the commercially available probiotic supplements are "enteric-coated" to help ensure they survive the gastric acids and reach the gut, but this has been shown to not be as effective at protecting the sensitive probiotics as previously thought. Moreover, the ingredients that are used as enteric coating can sometimes inhibit optimal breakdown and assimilation of the probiotics even after they reach the intestines. BIO-tract® is a patented delivery system designed to protect the probiotics from the harsh gastric environment, while providing optimal release of live organisms throughout the digestive tract. The ingredients used in this patented delivery system are natural and non-GMO.